Cairo April  29,  2007
Egypt still has room for big projects in many areas and sectors; Telecom, real estate, industry manufacturing, finance, banking and investment, infrastructure, and transportation anywhere from the North Coast, Upper Egypt or even along the banks of the River Nile. The Global Trade Matters Conference on Egypt Emirates Trade and Investment addressed different topics surrounding the above mentioned sectors through expert keynote speakers and panelists addressing delegates through speeches, presentations and interactive Q&A sessions. This event was attended by delegates from Egypt, UAE and other countries and highlighted the growth and development of bilateral trade and investments between Egypt and the UAE and also emphasized the role which Private Equity firms play as a driving engine for economic growth and development in the region.

Cairo - June 14  2006

The Crystal Globe Awards Night is  one of the most enjoyable, entertaining and elegant business events in Egypt. The Gala builds community support for the Stock Exchange and the companies traded on it. The Crystal Globe Awards Night creates connections throughout the different sectors represented on the CASE. It is an event where business people, management executives, government officials, investors, shareholders, and simply the curious, come together for a social evening in support of achievements and success stories of the companies and people behind them who do so much to further grow Egypt’s economy and improve the quality of life for everyone. Crystal Globe Awards in 2006 was happy to have as a Key note speaker Mr. Lars Hamich, the Managing Director of the Dow Jones/Stoxx, who reflected the positive outlook for the  future of the Egyptian Capital Markets

Cairo March 15,  2007
His Excellency Minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid, the Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry, inaugurated the first annual Global Trade Matters Conference on The Egypt-Turkey FTA, attended by 500 delegates from Egypt, Turkey and other countries. His Excellency Minister Rachid  was joined by His Excellency Ambassador Sakaf Gurturk, the Turkish Ambassador to Egypt in both celebrating and addressing the key issues surrounding the entry into force of the bilateral agreement. This initiative undertaken by the Egyptian Commercial Service and the Turkish Embassy in Cairo, and proudly developed by Global Trade Matters, played host to key members of the Turkish/Egyptian business community and government officials such as His Excellency Ambassador Sakaf Gurturk, the Turkish Ambassador in Cairo, and Mr. Mamdouh Mostafa, the Head of the Egyptian Commercial Services at the Ministry of Trade and Industry,

Cairo March 28, 2007
The Global Trade Matters Conference on COMESA was inaugurated by His  Excellency Ambassador Daniel Makdwallo, Ambassador of Kenya to Egypt, His  Excellency Ambassador Omar M. Lubulwa Ambassador of Uganda to Egypt and His  Excellency Ambassador Ahmed Hagag Secretary General - African Society. The Global Trade Matters Conference on COMESA highlighted the growing momentum behind the growth of COMESA and addressed key priorities for ensuring future integration. The Global Trade Matters Conference on COMESA offered the private sector a unique opportunity to  better understanding how they can benefit from COMESA and increase inter-regional trade and investment between the signatory countries. The conference addressed key issues regarding investment in Africa through a panel led by Mr. Hisham El Khazindar, Managing Director at Citadel Capital, a leading Egyptian Private Equity firm with substantial investments in Africa.

Cairo June 22,  2005
Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZ) are geographically designated areas in Egypt determined by the Egyptian government and approved by the US government where industrial products originated in Egypt and satisfying agreed-upon Israeli content - as per predefined rules of origins mostly based on relevant WTO rules - are granted free entry into the U.S. customs territories. Factories currently operating under capacity will be hoping to see production levels increase as demand grows. There is wide spread hope that the successful QIZ model seen in Jordan will repeat itself here in Egypt in even bigger and better ways. The QIZ Conference 2005 addressed the many different aspects lingering around the QIZ agreement and the economic impact it will have on the future of Egypt’s global business. The Cairo QIZ Conference presents its self as the perfect opportunity for a diverse number of  business people to come together to further understand the positive impact the QIZ protocol will have on different sectors of the nation’s economy.

Cairo December 14 , 2006
The Global Trade Matters Conference on Egypt / EU Trade and Investment was inaugurated by His Excellency Sir Derek Plumbly, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Egypt. The Conference was also addressed by Dr. Sameha Fawzy, First Assistant to the Minister of Trade and Industry, His Excellency Ambassador Fathy El Shazly, and Mr. Ashraf Al Rabie, Head of the Egyptian Commercial Service at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The Conference was attended by over 300 Egyptian and foreign delegates, including Ambassadors, Commercial Officers, senior Government officials, and senior management executives from various sectors and companies in the  private sector. The conference was addressed by 13 expert speakers discussing 6 of the major issues regarding Egypt / EU Trade and Investment. Other speakers included His Excellency Ambassador Nehad Abdel Latif and Ms. Barbara Stacher, the Commercial Attaché of the EC Delegation in Egypt. 

Cairo July 14,  2005
 Global Trade Matters hosted the Launch Ceremony of  the first NGO Magazine in Egypt “Hayah Magazine”. The Ceremony was held at the Conrad Hotel & was attended by the socialists, representatives from different social & NGO associations, local & foreign media.

Cairo – Egypt December 13-14,  2005

Developed and Organized by MarkStrI Ltd. the QIZB2B Conference helped all the involved parties to define agendas, identify and reframe the business issues, communicate more effectively, find areas of common ground, negotiate fairly, and reach conclusive business agreements which will translate to future development and growth in trade. The conference has provided a venue for productive discussions between businesses from Egypt, Israel, the USA, the EU, Turkey and other countries and helped develop relationships among parties who will have to deal with each other again and again in the future. Trough comprehensive workshops, presentations, and Q&A sessions the QIZB2B Conference hopes to have made deeper changes in delegates and their interpersonal relationships with other delegates from different backgrounds and countries. For many factories and business owners registered to the QIZ in Egypt, this might be their first time to import from Israel and export to the USA, so it is vital that they are provided with a means enabling them to define their own issues increasing the skills of both sides to make better decisions for themselves, together.

Cairo February 3, 2005
The Crystal Globe Awards Night and Gala Dinner in February 2005  reached a new high in energy and success. More than 400 of Egypt’s top brass business people attended this unique and significant event; celebrating the achievements and performance of the top 100 companies on the Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges according to 13 different criteria.The financial analysis was compiled by Price Waterhouse Coopers, Sigma Capital and Compass and helped providing the public with detailed information on the CASE and the over all economic performance of the Egyptian business markets.Five awards have been received the by the top 5 ranked companies (by volume of trading for FY 2004) during the event. The Honorary award of “Entrepreneur of the Decade” was given to Mr. Onsi Sawiris.

Cairo February 19 , 2007
The Global Trade Matters Conference on Euro Med Partnership was inaugurated by His Excellency Ambassador Klaus Eberman, The EC Delegation’s Ambassador to Egypt, and His Excellency Ambassador Gamal Bayoumi. During the conference on the Euro-Med Partnership delegates and speakers came together to discuss the issues impacting the private sector and identify potentials for growth and development of Egyptian industries and services sectors within the context of the Euro-Med Partnership. The conference agenda covered a comprehensive set of topics and issues related to the Euro-Med Process and emphasized the  major sectors for development, and provided a wide scope of understanding and information about the advantages and  benefits set forth by the Euro-Med Partnership.